On Github profiles, not all the repositories have description info listed underneath them. Only the repositories with recent updates contain detailed information.

This is necessary for users with a large number of repos so that page load times are acceptable (also, there’s no need to show all repo info for someone with 1000+ repos).

To find out more about older repositories, you have to visit each repo page.

To help out with this manual process, I’ve created: Github: Get Missing Descriptions.

This script adds a button that will update “simple” repo listings with the project’s description, as well as the last time it was updated. Each button click will make a max of 50 ajax requests. If there are more than 50 repos without descriptions, you will have to click the button multiple times.

You can check it out here:

Here is the current description from README.md:


If there are missing descriptions on a Github profile page, a button will be added. When clicked, ajax requests will be made to grab the descriptions.


Before installing the user script:

Before Installation

After installing the user script:

Before clicking the button:
After Installation (before clicking the button)

After clicking the button:
After Installation (after clicking the button)

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